Highlightprojects across the board.

- Digitalstadt Kitzbühel -

Keywords: Blender3D, Unity, Web3

The digital city is a virtual copy of Kitzbühel's city center that can be visited with a standard internet browser and in future via PC, mobile or VR glasses.

In other words: a modern 3D website.


- Symmetrie -

Keywords: XR, VR, Unity, Theater

“Symmetry” is a sci-fi noir thriller set entirely in virtual reality. In the XRT with VR goggles on your head, you immerse yourself in an elaborately designed world. The actors are also in VR and act out the scenes live in front of you. However, “Symmetry” is not just a play, but also a cooperative puzzle game, so you are repeatedly called upon to solve tasks together with the other participants on the way to solving the case

Regie: Nils Corte | Co-Regie: Lena Rucker | Creative Coding: Phil Hagen Jungschlaeger | 3D Design: Nils Gallist | XR Performance Berater: David Gochfeld | Dramaturgie: Fabian Schmidtlein

- Hinter den Zimmern -

Keywords: Unreal Engine 5, Blender3D, Virtual Production

Between horror stories and alternate reality games, a laybrinthine web of family secrets, conspiracy theories, the credibility of images and the delusional search for the "one truth" unfolds. minusEins, is developing a project about the internet phenomenon "Backrooms" on Twitch, which emerged on 4chan in 2019. This immersive theater piece captured hundreds of thousands on its run.